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26 Jul 2017

Remembering Prof. YASH PAL - by Rahul Sharma

Prof. Yash Pal. There was a time when I saw this name in NCERT textbooks and said to my friends like "See, this is the MAN we saw on TV!" Yes,  'TURNING POINT' was indeed such a piece of scientific nostalgia, that was telecast in Doordarshan in 1990s which my grandpa used to watch! Obviously, DOORDARSHAN was the only source of "youtubeing" for the 90s kids in every sense and Prof. Yashpal was one of those revolutionaries who took science and technology from laboratories to living room. I am sure that no kid of my generation and the ones before, having had a scientific inclination at some point in life, could ever forget his name. I Still remember reading his articles in various children's magazines. He often replied and clarified all those idiotic and non sensical doubts of the readers with sensible answers. The one who explained ultra complex scientific theories in simple layman's language and only a true genius can do that. Undoubtedly, I say he had inspired a lot of people in filling up the 'curiosity space' within their brains which helped them to dream higher as Dr. Kalam had said. A dozen times I had dreamt of such a professor appearing in an Engineering College, which hardly happened! One who played a pivotal role in drafting out NCERT curriculum; The man behind the setting up of IUCAA. This man will be missed for sure.

- Rahul Sharma

3 Jul 2017

Thondimuthalum Dhriksakshiyum or The Brilliance of Pothettan! (An outlook)- By Rahul Sharma

THONDIMUTHALUM DHRIKSAKSHIYUM (The Exhibits and The Eyewitness): Got to taste yet another impeccable dish being served hot and raw from team Dileesh Pothan​​,  Syam Pushkaran​​, Sajeev Pazhoor​​ and Rajeev Ravi​​. Nothing lesser was expected from the holy team of 'Maheshinte Prathikaram'.
Fahadh Faasil has proved that he belongs to the clan of those actors who are hardly replaceable in the entire Indian Film industry based on the characters which they have played. Suraj Venjarammoodu has made an appreciable path breaking appearance in the film as one of the lead characters.  I am glad to see those grand and lively natural frames of Rajeev Ravi,  which were once seen in Gangs of Wasseypur and Kammattipadam,  that moves along the breathe and beat of the story. Undoubtedly, Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum would definitely stay high for a pretty long time within the minds of movie lovers. Dileesh Pothan has once again proved that he is one of the most promising directors from the South. Just like Maheshinte Prathikaram, 'THONDIMUTHALUM DHRIKSAAKSHIYUM' also goes with both the public conscience as well as with the critics' sense!  Unlike from what we see in usual films, the plot does not squeeze into the characters and their perceptions vertically. Rather,  the writer-director teamies have taken the plot laterally, say spreading the plot horizontally,  so as to bring about a completely developed plot without any kind of polarization on any kind of speculated dogma. The climax happens only within the minds of the viewer. Actors Alencier Ley​​ and new face Nimisha Sajayan​​  were completely synchronized within the plot. Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum would definitely garnish the emerging new face of the Malayalam film industry which would have its position soon fixed, within the category of World Cinema. Movies like Angamali Diaries, Take Off and Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum all the three being released in about half an year's time, shows the new outlook of the emerging Mollywood. In that sense, despite Keralites, I want the world to watch this film and thus, I chose to put up this article in English. Certainly, an inspiration for the upcoming writers and creative enthusiasts waiting out there in the muddy and rugged world.
Great rendition from the crew.
Hats off.