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10 Dec 2016

'CASHLESS' to go with ''LESS CASH''!?! - by Rahul Sharma

Last night, I went to an ATM. There were about 7-8 people behind me longing in the queue. One among them was a daily wage worker who had an urgency of 500/-. The ATM machine could dispense only 2000/- note and thus the man was in a trap actually. He stated that he had only 1200/- in his account and that was the 8th ATM he had been visiting since that evening. Just for a curiosity, I did try to interact with few people in the queue (Most of them belonged to normal working class category) and I heard none of them praising any of the moves made by the Govt.. What to say, me too, just returned home withdrawing a colorful 2000/- note which almost resembled to a tissue paper (in thickness). I think I've completed the LEVEL-1 of the "DEMONETIZATION GAME".(Mission: Withdrawing 2000/-). Now I'm in LEVEL-2 (Mission: acquiring change for the 2000/- note) Waah! The game seems to be interesting. There are further more extra missions available like: "FIND the shop with Swiping Machines" and "catch the vegetable vendor who accepts a debit card". Just like the JIO scheme, the first few levels of the game are being made available for free! People are forced to play it. However, there are further more exciting levels like 'E-Wallet' and 'cashless economy' (Said be the final levels of the game) which would definitely make the GAME- OVER if implemented without proper planning. A change for betterment can always be welcomed. But an overnight change that makes people wander like headless chicken will do no good any soon I guess. Whatever maybe, however maybe, the Tughlaqian strategy of the Union as well as the cheap political stands taken by the other political parties like this will do no good to people at all. Since demonetization, the RBI has released about 90 notifications in a month day by day which itself shows the inefficiency of the policy makers which was purely non-synchronized with the public conscience. The same things could have planned and implemented in a proper way causing less harm thereby reducing the plight of the common man to a lesser level. All those nations like DENMARK, CANADA, SWEDEN etc. which hold maximum transactions in "CASHLESS" manner has got : # a pro capitalistic pattern of economy; # a flourished IT enabled service system; # Don't have a very large rural population as India does (with a large percentage of illiterate people (at least on financial basis)) # Internet availability-at all points. The GoI hasn't adhered much in strengthening these base lines prior to the overnight drama which magnified the crisis. Economists, businessmen and thinkers cannot merely run the world by themselves. All they can do is to create certain speculations and set a track accordingly which would eventually turn the situations around as the time goes only with the cooperation and proper supportive involvement of the general public. That could be the one single point, which the Government would have missed by now, thus making a sweet pancake using rotten eggs! - Rahul Sharma

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