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9 Nov 2016

The TRUMPet Horns!

Finally, DONALD TRUMP has made it and that was an unexpected result for many. On a close observation, from BREXIT to the US POLLS, we can see a drastic unexpected shift in the so called 'collective conscience' of the global mass (at least on an expectation basis). The West tend to look Westwards or say rather conservatively introspective. The bright rise of a powerful right wing mixed with conservatism is now vivid at a global level and it is really magnified. The Republicans rose into victory after 8 years. The White House got elected straight from the 'houses of the whites' say where lies a true subtle sense of 'capitalistic majoritarianism'. Now let us welcome the change wholeheartedly and stay watchful. The Trump show has just begun and there is no point in making more and more idiotic statements and blunder predictions regarding the future policies of the Trump Govt.. Predictions and expectations are in the air right now. Let us wait and watch. After all, it is the United States of America and in 'HIS' words: "...America will never anything less to the best...". Period!

-Rahul Sharma

Pic Courtesy: Internet