So, which one do you think, is the best News Channel in India?

4 May 2016


JISHA or JYOTHI or whatever maybe. The tragic news vindicates nothing but the unethical existence of such self fucking bastards who fuck the world there out. I heard some girls saying that the culprits should be castrated or penectomized. Some say that rules should allow girls to shoot down the rapists on the spot! However, I don't want to paste my personal feelings or grieves here along with the seasonal social commitments that often appear and go along social networking sites. Law is in the air right now. I cannot bear this pain anymore in restraint. Obviously, we all can see the partial silence prevailing all over the state regarding the issue. I just cannot know the reason behind it. Maybe the girl was not from a rich family. Maybe she was not from a higher caste. Maybe the vote bank is comparatively less or whatever maybe.
There is no solution to this as a whole. Everyone, be a good human being. Be a good parent. Be a good child. Be a good brother. Be a good sister. Be a good husband. Be a good wife. Thus, be a good teacher.
Now at least stop making mockery comments regarding the dressing of ‘that girl in the street’. Parents, please do not advice your girl child NOT TO GO out and roam with friends at late hours. Please do not advice a girl to dress elegantly (I don’t know what exactly is your level of elegance on cultural bounds). Please allow her to study or pursue her career abroad or at any distance from home. Everything is invalid. No wonder that a girl is not safe at her home. She is not even safe within her mother’s womb.
#1 Better safe to kill your girl child
#2 better safe to kill your boy child.
#3 better go and die if you aren't sure that you can raise a child who would respect the opposite gender.
PS: These are the moments where the writer in me itself commit suicide temporarily.

- Rahul Sharma

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