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29 Feb 2016

Leonardo Di Caprio- Thus proved, the deserved!

Finally, this man has made it to the apogee! Nothing more, Nothing less! 
Leonardo DiCaprio heart emoticon like emoticon
Period! __/\__
A man with decades of hard work, perseverance and dedication with No complaints!
Maybe, a little too late for it, but no matter, in the end, the world will recognize the real talent => Thus proved! wink emoticon
"...And The Acadmey Award for the BEST ACTOR (88th) goes to LEONARDO DICAPRIO - for the movie, 'THE REVENANT.'....!"

(And then he used his vantage position to speak for the common good- by showing his concern for the environmental issues like global warming !)
Proud of you man!

"" If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people""
- Leonardo DiCaprio!

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