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10 Feb 2016


So glad to know that TRAI,  has ultimately decided to safeguard the internet democracy. This proved that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and the mass user population cannot get fooled so easily by some mockery moves of few monopolies in the field.
Monopolies such as Facebook should realize that 'the universal law of justice' can't be uprooted by exploiting the unawareness of their user community. Such giants have planned and played very well, but had heavily underestimated the conscience of the educated Indian users who stands for net neutrality. The attempts of Facebook by pointing out huge statistical data of 'free basic supporters' has now become a boomerang.
Such mechanized statistical data,  which can be fabricated using the principle of 'mass production', trying to exploit the tendency of the people to click the 'LIKE' or 'OK' button, wherever they find.

However, this fraud idea was well realized by the TRAI authorities.
On an overall basis,  the steps being taken by the government of India, the SC and TRAI so far (including the IT 66A Act) are appreciable and vindicates that there exists a collective support for the common good. The matter of glee is that one can post something against the fraudulent acts of Facebook in Facebook itself!
However,  let us hope that the users will here onwards become a little too conscious in understanding the real intention behind any of those campaigns- led by some corporate giants, which offers something absolutely free for them, just by taking back the freedom from them!

The support TRAI has given to Net neutrality gives hope to the internet users that they can remain not only as mere users but also as content creators or service providers simultaneously, within the system. Thus, the idea of 'the internet of the people,  for the people and by the people' - has been safeguarded. It is almost sure that no alteration rules favoring the monopolies will  come after a couple of years or say as long as India does remain as a democratic republic underlining the elements of the preamble of its constitution.
- Rahul Sharma (published in THE HINDU)


  1. Well said Rahul. We Love Net as neutral as it is today. TRAI has been very cool to users and thanda thanda to a few.

    1. Yes sir, exactly. As for now, it seems to be with the common man.