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29 Nov 2015

A Lavish Wedding!- There is nothing much to be criticized

NRI Business tycoon Ravi Pillai's daughter Arathi got married to Adithya Vishnu. Wedding Ceremony worth- 55 Cr. INR.
I just cannot know why do people get pissed off and feel annoyed of this! After all it is his damn personal money, it is his sole daughter and his personal stuff- whatever maybe. 
I should say that after
all the money is in the economy now!
People often say that marriage happens in heaven. So, if that is the case, then the rich has got the right to create their own heaven for them while the poor can do it in their own way. The thing is that one should not disturb the other one's life. 10 Cr. has been given as charity. 10 Cr. comprises of about 15-20% of the total wedding expense which is obviously a great thing.
For those criticizers out there, I have one question towards you. "If you arrange a wedding of Rs. 5 Lakhs for your daughter/son, would you mind donating 1 lakh (20% of it) to any charitable institutions?". Obviously NO and you can have enough reasons for your answer. There is NO much difference between such Business tycoons and those ordinary people who take loans and mortgage their properties so as to get their daughters married, which could be conducted in a much simpler way in some register office. Now please show some self respect. Be a little more broad minded and introspective and come out of your world of hypocrisies. Whatever maybe, please let it be and wish the couple a happily ever after life.
PS: even Big budget movies are being made to hide black money;
Huge Election propaganda and Political Party meetings are being held at a budget of Crores and all those are snatched directly/indirectly from the common man.
The issue comes when a rich man does something personal for him. That's all.
Being poor is not a crime, being rich either.
Crime is in how we do end up in being someone.

- Rahul Sharma