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9 Oct 2015

When Cattle becomes DOG

Last day Someone asked me: "Rahul, Why can't you write something upon issues like BEEF and STRAY DOGS!? "
Well I admit, anyone can come out of their homes and show their asses off since these are the trend setting topics these days. Well, I have nothing to comment upon.
>> I have just tasted Beef once and in either ways, I don't like it.
>> I had few narrow escapes from stray dogs and that was not a fine experience indeed!.
Now it is my personal choice to determine what to eat and what not but I don't support any of those so called inhuman 'beef ceremonies' being held and excused on that cause.
It is my true reflex part that comes out when I try to knock down a stray dog that comes to attack me.
And Now it is My Damn personal choice to decide what to WRITE and What NOT!
NB: For those fellas who are waiting to make insulting and provocative comments- It is my choice to Slam/Block you 
or not!

Peace out :)
have a nice day


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. it's your choice and freedom to express or not have very well explained and expressed about how it feels as well as how it doesn't makes sense to intervene a writer' s freedom . A diplomatic way of saying "STAY OUT OF IT" .:)

    1. That's it. It was really a 'pissing off' experience from few intruders!

  3. enthinnum ethinum comment parayenda avstha, ini pipeill vellam illenkil athinum comment parayendi varumo? good post dude.

  4. Stray dogs are really a serious issue and about the beef its nothing but bloody bullshit or damn politics play....