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14 Feb 2015

Valentine's day! and you need a DAY for it!??

Ah! Valentine's Day, who cares! I am not sure how many of us know about Saint Valentine and his deeds. But, right now Feb-14th has become yet another Halloween day for Telecom companies for shooting up their sales graph from the deluge. Another face of trend setting business where love is available for sale now. Here love is nothing more than any other commodities you find there out in the market!
Poor guys waiting for a day to express their love!
P.S.: Happy Valentine's day to the folks there on the other side.

3 Feb 2015

Made my day :)

This would be the greatest gift for me, as a writer... smile emoticon
Thank you very much Mr. Sreejan Balakrishnan, Chief Bureau, The Times of India
PS: Pen is always mightier than sword like emoticon