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17 Jun 2014

Al-Qaeda threat, which urges Kashmiri youths to wage war (Jihad) against India. - Is it an Unwanted propaganda??

It seems like certain media are doing unnecessary propaganda for these terrorists, creating the feeling of Insecurity among the readers/viewers. I saw yesterday's MATHRUBHUMI dated 16th June, 2014 (one among the leading Malayalam newspapers), report on the front page regarding the Al-Qaeda threat, which urges Kashmiri youths to wage war (Jihad) against India.

I think, we should learn to ignore such propaganda and that is the only way to fight against 'mental terrorism'! NO OTHER newspaper had reported the same in such a manner. The report even addresses Bin Ladan as 'ADDEHAM' (the term in Malayalam used for addressing a superior person with respect) at some point!
This is really ironic, I should say. I have no intention to blame or criticize negatively a particular newspaper say any, and I did not mean it. I would just like to point out what I felt, maybe my mistake, but I am writing this just because I do believe that there exist a lot of people who could have gone through the same kind of feelings on reading these reports.

The News can be true, and it is to be considered seriously and Govt. should take necessary actions and precautions against terrorism and people should be made aware of it. I believe that no external forces can destroy India, as long as WE, THE INDIANS stay together. But I would like to say that prominent Newspapers & channels, should show a little bit of maturity indeed and I would also like to say that, sharing these kind of matters again and again just popularizes their deeds as I did find many a number of people digging the news up and sharing in social media, thereby creating the feeling of insecurity among the people that somebody is going to BOMB the country as a whole soon!!!.
Just ignore these propaganda and believe in our STRENGTH, the NATION's STRENGTH.! JAI HO,
good Morning :-)