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23 Sep 2014


Feeling proud to be an Indian. Again, ISRO is hitting the marquee with its successful accomplishment of missions. Especially this time, with one of the most challenging missions ever. "The Mars Orbiter Mission" - Mangalyaan.
The successful launch of Chandrayaan-1 had already increased the levels of confidence among the Indian scientists and space aspirants!
It is easy to celebrate the success and criticize the failures indeed. I think it is time to commemorate the dedicated deeds of hundreds of individual brains behind this, since after the completion of its feasibility study in 2010.
It is nothing, but their dedication, practicality, precision and perseverance that is getting proved day by day. These people had created a 'SPACE' for India in the mighty universe!
Proud to be an Indian! Respect ISRO and Team Mangalyaan! Let this be a kick start for our future space exploratory missions!
"MOM"- from Mother India

- Rahul Sharma