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23 Jun 2013

FOR NO REASON (A Prefix To Death) - by Rahul Sharma

Fears do prevail,
Within frozen minds
Prior to death,
For no reason.

The undefined search-
For the unknown destination
Will never end,
Even after the last breath.

When mind starts dying
After realizing that
Everything was given,
Just as alms,
Yet felt as realms!
For no reason.

Life, is like a prison within,
With fate as its walls,
Each time, we plan to unlock;
Results in a deadlock!
And that is all a weird state,
Of being alive- for no reason!

Time says no to dreams and thoughts,
And fears and regrets indeed.
And now it is time to vindicate:
If everything had reasons,
Then why to feel so sorry,
At the end of the story?
When the point of time reaches
To take back everything from you!

Just like the winds, of an autumn season,
As if from some other world
Coming again, you see that comrade??
Again, for no reason...!

  - Rahul Sharma (all rights reserved)