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31 Aug 2012

to a friend..... (by Rahul Sharma)

Life is like a lonely boat;
In the open sea of mystery;
And in the midst of this daily cry;
I got, a friend like you from history.

When I’m about to sink;
I cried aloud;
And called them all;
And somewhere in the distance;
I saw a star’s blink.
And that was you;
A helping hand from history;
And played a role in my story;

I don’t know the past;
And I don’t know the future;
But I know the present;
And that too a little;
So, my dear friend;
I can’t offer a bunch of flowers;
For you;
Since those aren’t mine;
I cannot offer a dinner for you;
Since I’m starving too;
Both of us are poor;
But we remain rich;
As long as we remain


These are words which all can say
But what I could do is only pray;
I have no special powers;
And I’m not the mighty God;

But just his creation;
And as I said;
I’m unaware of past and future;
And I’m not at all concerned about it.
So I could wish you nothing;
More than our eternal friendship;
And that is just more than this life;
A spiritual satisfaction;
A mental relaxation;
A way to avoid grief;
And I can say it in brief.

It keeps my boat moving;
Moving , moving and moving ;
I want to row my boat;
Along with that of you;
Till the end of eternity;
With FRIENDSHIP as our fuel;
TRUST as our steering;
And WE as captains;
Thus our roles in the story;
And I need it to be a history;
A constant friend like you truly;
A great mystery….

- Rahul Sharma (all rights reserved)

[This is my weird concept regarding an eternal friend. Actually, when I was writing this poem, none of my friends did come into my mind... the poem just came from my mind .... I don't know how, but that was my first poem, and I wrote it when I was about 13 years old!]

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  1. i read all your poems :). i read ur this poem 3rd or 4th time today. Its fantastic :)