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31 Aug 2012

The Photo Album (by Rahul Sharma)

Troublesome and Monotonous....
None to help me either,
For my sake,
Today, how I don't know,
My lips were smiling at me,
When I found myself,
In the midst of a gang of friends,
From an old group photo.

I realized that,
Nothing else,
Could really help me,
Than the old photo.
Nostalgic and enigmatic,
I framed it in my mind;
Along with the instances, decades ago,
Memories Flushed!
Which kept shouting at me,
That still I'm a kid!

Slowly, I recognized that,
I'm not being atrophied;
Since the album wasn't a flash of dreams,
But was just a piece of solace for me!

- Rahul Sharma  (all rights reserved)