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31 Aug 2012

The Hammer And The Nail (by Rahul Sharma)

Our heads do collide
With each other;
To accomplish
Someone else’s desire!

And there the mighty fixtures,
Buildings and holdings,
Remain as wonders
For human minds.

Thus our sufferings,
Reach Neither Hell;
Nor Heaven,
But how I wonder,
Their preaches,
Often reach

And, when they become guilt
For their sole built;
When it hit their fame,
We are just made for the blame!

- Rahul Sharma (all rights reserved)

[.... just an abstract description regarding the selfish intentioned human minds, from the perspective of some non-living things such as tools which he use often! I gave life and thoughts to these objects and just tried to personify them as the pall-bearers of human strategies! And thus some feelings just came out as floating verses!]

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