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31 Aug 2012

PENUMBRA (by Rahul Sharma)

Being captivated;
Within her shadow;
I'm a drop of tear,
In her eyes of fear.
Remain cuddled...
To her remnant thoughts,
Entangled within.
Umbrage upon umbilicus;
Either of'em are unaware...
That yolk itself is chick,
Yet prevails unnecessarily sick,
Gets cleared for sure,
When the moon of sarcasm,
Slides across latitudes....
Filled with pulse,
Unattached for love,
Light comes, to promote,
Evergreen love and peace forever.

(-Rahul Sharma - all rights reserved)

[This is something when we find the relation between any mom and child gets impaired at teens which is later re-established from both ends, more strongly, where realities are to be analyzed through soul phase, at times...]

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