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31 Aug 2012

I am awake... (by Rahul Sharma)

Oh my Lord!
Give me a way out,
To break-out and sprout;
To catch my will
Without any frill.

Oh my Lord!
Give me power...
To make a wish
And to vanish...
Into myself...
And to emerge again;
With an energetic Strain;
For thy sake,
I am not fake;
And still awake...

I have thirst;
And do have thrust;
To hold it on...
And to get on.
Help me...
For I am here...
Without fear.
I am ready,
And steady.
And want to stand,
Walk, and run and fly,
Without being shy,
Until my breathe ends...
I remain awake....

- Rahul Sharma (all rights reserved)

[Announces that I am active and able to live....
But give me a chance please...]

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