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31 Aug 2012

God's Gift To A Solitary Poet (by Rahul Sharma)

God' gift to a solitary poet 

I don't know who you are
I don't know how we got in touch,
I was alone, wandering somewhere,
But couldn't reach anywhere.
Sole was my mind,
Even soul couldn't find;
But my dear sister, 
You found me, from nowhere;
And followed me everywhere....
I did neither see you,
Nor did talk to you.
You did neither hit me,
Nor did hug me indeed.
But I could feel your presence,
As soothing heart touching words,
That gave me strength;
When I was about to fall.
You were that spirit, my dear sister,
Whenever you did make fun of me,
I was just forgetting myself,
It hurts me a lot, only when you beg pardon for those, I say.
I wish Words aren't enough,
And eyes aren't so tough,
For a brother and a young sister.
It doesn't happen by birth,
But it just happens, through sense,
And let it remain forever, ever and ever.
I wish one day, my words will take me along,
To you, and I am sure, if I fail,
Your words will take my soul along, sister,
To the chamber of death of mine, and, there,
I will be waiting, for a drop of tear, with love,
That could vanish my thirst,
I did pay sincerity to my words,
And poems indeed,
For which, the God of poems,
Gifted me an angel of poems- a beautiful poetess,
And its my sister.

-RAHUL SHARMA (All rights reserved)

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