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2 Oct 2017

GANDHI Lives Here - Rahul Sharma

He was a phenomenon. Let me say, probably this would be the most demanding moment for a person like him. The current world needs a Gandhi. The present India is missing him more than like anytime in history. Some would tend to ask whether Gandhian ideas can have any more practical implications in today's world. My answer to them is nothing lesser to a hammering YES. Sometimes, the world itself requires a bit of introspection. There is hardly anyone who could have done so much of introspection into one's self as he had! As far as the Indian scenario is concerned, today, we live in a rotten broth of political insecurity. A political spectra that gets enlightened towards the right side so as to set the nation ablaze with fascism lies on one side; The left side of the political spectra has turned into a headless chicken with too many plucked feathers in it! INTOLERANCE has engulfed the entire system as a whole. Yet, when we see that round face with specs on a newly made 200 rupee note, the INDIAN hope starts regaining its strength. It vindicates that someone is there to check these out! Yes, that is the Gandhian principle. It remains as a 'scale zero' in the entire world politics. It helps someone to move towards either sides along an imaginary scale of ideologies.
Today, as I stood in front of Raj Ghat, say one of the most sacred monuments of modern India, being carefully maintained; I feel like the air here is pretty much positive so that once an Indian comes here, he will get that vibe which keeps on radiating within him. This is Gandhi. The Gandhiji. The man who lived his words. The man who was an epitome of self-introspection. The man who had passed with a lantern of smile that throws the light of non-violence all over the world becomes relevant in this age of narcissistic politicians.
As I stepped out of Raj Ghat, Somewhere along the opposite side, just in front of Raj Ghat, I saw an uneducated U.P native, trying hard to pull a heavy cycle rickshaw (inset) that left me orphaned of all those ideologies I had learned through books. I was in that rare sort of trans state while I plugged my headphones in and played this song from Rang de Basanti: "Luka chuppi, bahut hui.... saamne aa jaa naa...."
Thank you Mahathma
Pic Courtesy: Valsala Mundott <3